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​About Aromatherapy from Bath & Body Works

What if we told you that a drop of essential oil can change your mood? From tired to focused? Done. Stressed to de-stressed? Easy peasy. Just a little bit happier and relaxed? Can do. How? It’s not magic, even though it feels like it – it’s aromatherapy. We totally love how many ways essential oils can fit into your routine (obsessed, actually), so we just had to include them in the Bath & Body Works aromatherapy collection.

What can aromatherapy products do for you? In the morning, charge up your morning with the aromatherapy Energy line. Wake up with sweet orange and spicy ginger body lotion or scrub away the morning blahs with a soothing lavender body scrub. Energized and refreshed, you’re ready to take on your day.

Now: come home and kick your shoes off. That’s a great start to the evening, but how about we take it to the next level? Unwind with Stress Relief: a series of aromatherapy products from body creams to pillow mists, created with a calming blend of eucalyptus, spearmint and more. A breath of fresh air, really.


Maybe stress relief or an energy boost isn’t what you need right now – no problem. From romantic rose and vanilla Love to comfortable lavender-based Sleep, there’s a blend for every day, every mood and everyone. P.S. there are more blends of fragrances to fall in love with – plus, a ton of different products: body wash, body cream, scrubs, bubble bath and so many more. Switch up your routine and fall in love with these mood-boosting, super soothing, skin softening faves.​